Medical Clutter

Few people can say they don’t have that dreaded junk drawer, storage closet, or garage they feel overwhelmed to tackle. They are full of things “we just didn’t know what to do with”, “might need later”, or “cost a lot of money at the time.” Clutter, unfortunately, is part of our daily lives.  But countless studies show that clutter leads to increased stress, further disorganization and distractions.

This often translates to the workplace. In healthcare, clutter is everywhere. In a rapidly changing field there is always the latest best practice or equipment that is promoted. This ranges from equipment costing thousands of dollars to a small box of disposable goods. Seldom is there time allotted for cleanup and decluttering.

Many issues can arise from medical clutter. Here is a couple of the issues, causes and possible solutions:


Clutter Cause

Possible Solutions

Increased errors in treatment When distracted by clutter you may make mistakes
  • Re-evaluate and remove products that are obsolete


  • Consider using products that serve more than one purpose and or replace multiple products


  • Assign front line staff to keep clutter from getting out of control
Increased incidence of both patient and staff injury Cluttered areas are difficult to navigate
Delayed treatment for the patient Having to sort through cluttered storage rooms takes time
Increased work stress Medical clutter can be daunting
Overspending Equipment is purchased that may already be in the organization, but cannot be located

OxyMask is a great solution to medical clutter. This revolutionary open mask is capable of delivering a broad range of oxygen concentrations from 24 to 90 percent, at flows ranging from 1 to 15+ liters per minute. One OxyMask replaces many of the oxygen interface masks that have a specific use, flow range, or oxygen delivery range. Allowing SKU standardization and inventory reduction. This frees up valuable financial resources, allowing fewer purchases, stocking and the management of less inventory.

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