Respiratory Care Week. Post #3. How RTs Keep Patients Comfortable

Comfort is one of the most fundamental aspects of basic human necessity. It is an influential part of our daily decision making and is vital to the health and well being of every patient. Respiratory Therapists play an important role in providing a sense of safety and security for patients and their families, and are helpful in providing comfort in challenging situations. Along with other members of the health care team, RT’s are responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of their patients and are dedicated to quality patient care and comfort.

For an RT, making patients feel secure and limiting physical discomfort is a top priority. For example, homecare users may find that their nasal cannulas irritate their nose, or in the hospital, traditional closed masks can be humid, noisy and muffle communication. RTs are challenged to find ways to make oxygen therapy more comfortable as physical comfort is an essential part of patient compliance.

For many patients, falling sick and seeking medical attention can be an unfamiliar and intimidating experience. It is up to their healthcare team to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

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