Respiratory Care Week. Post #4. How RTs keep patients compliant.

The primary factor of oxygen therapy success is if patients are compliant with their prescribed care plan. Oxygen therapy compliance can help patients avoid hospitalization.

Patients are often not compliant with their oxygen therapy because:

  • They start to feel better, and they discontinue their therapy
  • They are not confident on how to use the equipment properly
  • The oxygen therapy device is uncomfortable
  • Skin irritation occurs after prolonged usage

RTs can help patients adhere to their oxygen therapy treatments by:

  • Educating patients and their families about what is required and why
  • Ensure patients are confident in how to use the equipment
  • Frequently checking in on patients to ensure oxygen therapy is being used safely and correctly
  • Finding the most appropriate interface to best suit each patient individually

Oxygen therapy is an essential part of respiratory care and is used as a medical treatment in both acute and chronic care settings. It is a fundamental treatment strategy for the majority of respiratory patients and is crucial to maintaining adequate cardiopulmonary health. It is the primary role of RT’s to make sure patients and their families are aware of the benefits of therapy as well as the risks associated with non-compliance.