Respiratory Care Week. Post #5. Why RTs Choose OxyMask

Respiratory Therapists play a significant role in the health and wellbeing of their patients. They are responsible for making sure patients are comfortable, safe and compliant with oxygen therapy and are dedicated to helping them benefit from treatment.

When treating patients on oxygen therapy, many RT’s are challenged with finding the most appropriate oxygen therapy device to best suit their needs.

Why RTs choose OxyMask …

OxyMask is one of the latest breakthroughs in advanced oxygen delivery technology. It features an open design that is ideal for patients whose oxygen requirements vary throughout their hospital stay. Clinicians can respond to a patient’s changing oxygen needs simply by increasing or decreasing oxygen meter flow from 1 litre per minute (lpm) up to flush (>15 lpm) to deliver 24%-90% FiO2 and maintain the desired SpO2. OxyMask is designed to deliver a broad range of oxygen in a safe and effective manner.

OxyMask is the ideal solution many of the issues RTs are faced with today. Read more about the features and benefits of OxyMask -> LEARN MORE