The Importance of Oxygen for Mom and Baby During Birth

Adequate oxygen supply to the baby is of extremely important throughout all of the stages of pregnancy. This is of the greatest significance when mom reaches the labour and delivery stage. Babies rely on their mother to supply oxygen to ensure a healthy delivery.

Even a small amount of oxygen deprivation to the baby can result in cerebral palsy, learning problems, ADHD, seizures and in severe cases even death. A child who has experienced oxygen deprivation at birth may suffer from problems that will affect them for the rest of their lives. They may require care that has an impact on the entire family physically, emotionally and financially.

Most injuries to baby that are related to oxygen deprivation occur during the birth process which puts significant oxygen demands on the mother. Many moms experience oxygen deprivation throughout their labour and delivery.  Medical staff in attendance during childbirth are able to monitor and recognize oxygen deprivation for both the baby and mother, and treat it accordingly by providing supplemental oxygen.

Oxygen deprivation to mom and consequently to baby is sometimes related to the therapy provided.  For instance, the oxygen flow may be set too low or mom may become uncomfortable or claustrophobic while wearing a closed style oxygen mask.